Thursday, December 18, 2008

Megan's New Stuff

Ewer Set 1
Lidded Box
Ewer Set 2

OK, here's the new stuff!
Technical notes: Everything is cone 10 reduction; pressmolded with some thrown parts. Imagery is mostly silkscreened with some stamping thrown in.

This work is the result of trying a few new techniques (new to me) and running with it. I'm not going to say a lot about what I think because I want to hear what YOU think. But if you have questions, please ask and I will try to answer.

I would really like to hear what's working for you in this work and what isn't. Thank you!!!!!!


critial ceramics said...


Awesome work! The porcelain just sings out in the Ewer set #1. I really like the clarity of the grey and charcoal pattern against the white of the porcelain. The carrier for the ewers is quite dramatic - I guess I see this drama the most in the negative spaces at the feet and in the incised area. The black of the shadow really is strong.

Ewer set #2 has a totally different feel for me - more military-like from the map and the green glaze. It also seems a little busier (more experimental?) than the first ewer set. This might have to do with the number of glazes you are using, and also the asymmetry in the cut in the carrier. Where I got a calm and clean feel from the first set (and more feminine), I get a more complex/complicated and masculine feel from the second set. The first set is definitely complex too - perhaps it just feels more visually resolved to me. I'd be interested in hearing how your concept(s) for the two sets might have shaped them and their different outcomes...

The covered box is beautiful. It has the feel of poetry in some way, as varying yet connected text and image are meshed together in one form. It feels natural and genuine. The treatment (surface, placement) of the chair suits the form well and makes it stronger, even though I am left to contemplate why it is there.

The cup and flask both have a figurative feel to me - the forms remind me of a feminine body (the flask has shoulder and the lip is the top of the head; the cup has a bosom above the handle). I feel that the flask form is a bit unresolved - maybe it is the white space at the top that feels less connected to the rest of the form. Interesting to think about the 2 "quiet" spaces in your work. The space (i.e. the top of the flask) without any silkscreening or color - and the other spaces that are quiet and introspective/private in another way (filled with the lists from the studio or from shopping).

Looking at your images again, I feel most drawn to the first ewer set, the box, and the mug. I know I have a bias towards the color white, but I just feel there is a gentleness and unforced presence in this work (esp. in the box and mug) that is really enjoyable. It speaks without trying to speak too loudly.

I wish you the best with your applications! Your work is looking great.

satoko said...

Hi Megan,

“How is she making these?” was my first reaction to your new pieces.
I’m especially drawn to your ewer sets. The set #2 is my favorite. There are many repeats of similar lines and spaces throughout the set. The color, the negative and positive spaces, the map image and the embossed tower work together really well.
It comes across that you thought this through. I’d say that about just one ewer by itself, but the set contained within the tray, with a handle and a window on the side, successfully pulled all the elements there together and made a stronger work.

The set #1 is beautiful, feels quieter, but just as successful as the #2. The tray and its absence of images or color, complements the ewers well. The white background works for me, but somehow the mug and the bottle weren’t as striking. Maybe they didn’t have enough contrast within the pieces. The bottle, or flask, looks figurative. It is a nice form. It has a lot of possibilities.

As far as your technique goes, I guessed that you used image transfer on a slab and hand built most of your pieces. But, the ewer set #2 puzzled me. I talked to Doug and he said that you make molds of your thrown pieces and use slabs. It’s one of those “easier said than done” techniques, right? It was great to see your new work. Your work is evolving and it is a pleasure to witness the changes as you move forward. Good luck with your grad-school applications!

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ruth said...

megan- I am taking the mold class this semester and doug showed everyone your stuff here on the blog. I am very impressed with what you are doing. Your decisions of surface decoration, texture and glazing are both balanced and interesting. I didnt read what other people said but The ewer set #2 with the green and i think it looks like some form of map are one of my favorite pieces. Its still megan's work but it has really developed in a exciting direction. Last night i had a dream that i told you how nice your pots where so i decided i should do that in life too! good luck and keep up with the great work.

Michael Arnold said...

Hi! I am Michael, a ceramics BFA student at the University of North Dakota. I was recently encouraged by a visiting artist to seek out online critiques and you guys are what I found. I would love to be involved in your dialog... check out my blog and get back to me at

Serra said...

Your work is beautiful, and it's beautifully photographed! I found you while looking around for ideas on photographing wood-fired pottery, I noticed a LOT of the photos use this gray gradient for a background and wondered if you had any tips on how to achieve that look in your pictures. Is it a gradient background, or is it achieved through lighting technique..? I'd really appreciate any tips!! Thanks and keep making beautiful art!

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