Sunday, November 2, 2008

Juliane's Work

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe it is November already! I am still working with installations - porcelain at cone 10. The first images (1-3) are of an installation that I am still working on. Each piece roughly 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"; I want to make enough to cover a wall or center them a wall in the shape of a circle or oval. My original idea was to create shell-like shapes and put something in the middle of just one (like pearls) - but now I am thinking of putting in different objects scattered in the inside of some shapes. What the objects should be, I'm not sure.

The next series of images (4-9) are from "Pedestals" (not a very creatively titled work). Each one is roughly 6" x 6" x 3.5". I still want to play around a bit more with cutting into the pedestal forms and changing the environment in which my clay pieces sit. This idea still needs more exploring... I'd be curious to know what it reminds people of when they look at it.

The last shot is of a previous piece from my last post. I took Megan's suggestion on showing the piece with fewer bowls.

Do people still think of food when they see my work? After moving again, the ideas in my work feel a little fuzzy.


Lauren said...

Hi Juliane -- I like your latest! The work is reminescent of food, in my opinion, but there's a new element emerging that I can't place my finger on. Really love the shot of the pedestal with the bud-to-bloom transformation... Thanks for sharing your work!

Daphne Vega said...

Wow! I love your work. I love this blog! How can I join this group?!?

Alicia said...

HI Juliane!
Your work is lovely! I like the "curiosities" element about them. The pedestals are interesting- but i think the items on top are even more attractive. Are the items and the pedestals connected? I think some of the curiousities on the pedestals (on my first impression) looked more scientific until you mentioned something about food...Do they need to be about food? As a functional potter, it makes me feel good to make something i can feed people from... but in school, things got closer to sculpture....
But i realized that potters can pursue both!
So if the work has to reference food in particular, maybe a glaze texture change? So that the curiosity items arent shiny? and maybe the items sorta look like food, but its hard to decipher?( looks delicious/or icky?) So the pedestals and items look like something that came from completly seperate places. Then the viewer has to investigate more deeply... Good luck with everything!!! great work!

Kip said...

Hi Juliane – It’s great to see some of your latest work, I like that we get a glimpse of clay in a gallery setting when you post.

With regard to your question about thinking of food… The work that most speaks of food for me is the last piece. I think that removing these pots from the confines of a table makes it much more visually interesting. I also like that you have glazed the “food” in a strong contrasting color - that makes the emptiness of the other bowls even more pronounced. Have you thought about making the bowls all very different in terms of shape/treatment/etc to see how that changes the feeling?

I’m really intrigued by Pedestals as well, but my initial response is not one of food. I certainly get a sense of something organic in nature (I feel that with a lot of your work), but I think more of growth and progression of time. The small rolls of clay in the first detail remind me of new fern fronds beginning to unroll. With the white and gold pairs, I think of time-lapse photography of a flower blooming. I would love to see close ups of each individual pedestal to get a better sense of what is happening in each “scene”. I definitely think that this idea is worth pursuing further. Have you played at all with the scale of the individual pedestals? I would be curious how having some very large and some very small would change the feeling of the work.

With regard to the first image, I am excited to see what happens when you increase the number of bowls. Your idea about creating an oval sounds like it could be very visually effective – I like that these random, organic, forms could come together as a group to create a very regular shape. Given the loose nature of the individual pots, I feel like they move further away from bowls and feel more like jellyfish or sea anemones.

You had talked in your last post about using food to speak about the feelings of fullness or loneliness that can come with relationships. Are you still thinking along these lines? In the first instillation I feel more of the fullness – to continue with the ocean vibe – it’s almost like a school of fish. With Pedestals, I feel some of the fullness (as in the gold and white grouping and the nestling paired pots) and some emptiness (with the cup pouring out its contents). With the third, you have both as well – overwhelming fullness in the center bowl, in stark contrast to emptiness in the others.

I’d love to hear more about what your thoughts are on this work and where you’re hoping to go as you move forward.

Thanks for posting!

Suraj said...

So I'm a little late in commenting, but great stuff! I like the asymmetric tessellated pieces.