Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alicia Mack

Hello everyone=) I am new to the blog, and this is my first posting of images. I think this is a wonderful forum for feedback! Thank you in advance for any input!

My work is inspired by volume, breath, and I work to achieve a fabric-like quality. This first piece was inspired by succulent plants, and is a salt and pepper set.
In each piece, I make an effort to hide edges, so that i can maintain the illusion of softness in a hardened substance.

This one is an egg cup set where each stand for under each cup is an individual salt shaker. the center piece is a flower brick.

The last shot is from my Mfa show this May. This is a jump in pics, but i havent studio shot these yet. I hope to get some shot and up sometime soon. It is a setting for 16. The color pallette changed. I dropped temp due to the losses from the high temp and the folded forms. I made a glaze that was a little more fluid as well. I liked how it settled into the textures. Heres a closeup...
Hopefully everything posted ok.... Thank you everyone for your time=) best wishes!