Sunday, September 21, 2008

Candice's Woodfired pottery Sept 08

Well Here I am again in my most favorite time of the year!I just got back from two wonderful weeks at Anderson Ranch. Charity Davis-Woodard and Lorna Meaden were the instructors and the focus of the workshop was the burry box alterative. It was a fantastic experience and I have to admit I felt a bit manic the first week I was there because I was making pottery again, and learning.... Here I am with my new friend Amber at 4 in the morning getting the burry box going. I also did a woodfire in Aztec, N.M. earlier in the summer so these pots that you are about to see are a mix of the two firings.

These are some woodfired bowls from A.R. I was really excited to work with some colors and a little less ash/debris from a typical woodfire. These are porcelain fired to 1o or 11.

I found this stencil of a bird and am using it on everything, immediate gratification if you will but I like using it in the woodfire with Barnard Slip because it bleeds out and gets softer. Porcelain mugs woodfired to cone 10/11

These cups are some of my favorite things to make right now. I learned this dry-thrown technique from Ayumi Horie last summer and it really goes against the super rigidness that I am capable of. I also really like using this technique for it lends itself to a feminine quality that i strive for in the woodfire. This is a closeup of one porcelain cup

We made a lot of sets in the Anderson Ranch workshop and I was pretty jazzed about that. Woodfired sake set. I really look forward to the day when I learn to take better, clearer photos, sorry ladies..... the tenmokou glaze on this is really pretty, lots of variations.

Heres a little Ewer set that I made, not really my style but a very good jumping off point. Again working to get a little color into the woodfire.

Birdee jar fired from the wood kiln in Aztec.

Birdee Bowls are Porcelain and fired in a soda kiln at Anderson Ranch. The two views are the same bowl, I just wanted to show you the inside and out. I like applying the stencil so it looks like the swallows are going to run into each other because thats how they appear in the sky sometimes.

Woodfired porcelain tumbler.

Porcelain woodfired jar.

Id love to hear from you all and hear all about your current adventures. I am back in school and frankly having the most uninspirational time at it. I got denied to N.A.U for this year so i am at the community college wading my way through general education with not a ceramics class in sight. If you ladies have any kind words of support as far as pushing through school goes let me know, again Id love to hear them. I hope you are all wonderful and happy love candice