Friday, May 16, 2008

Martina Round III

coverlet plates - front and back
"fun and games" - first plates post -NCECA

side plates - back of left below

dinner plate - front and back

pitchers - all about 10" to 12" tall

So here is my post – I have postponed posting since I’ve been trying to formulate a new artist statement. I am struggling to find a way to articulate what I do concisely and include the inspiration that is arising from my research in school. These pots indicate the focus I had through the last semester in school. The plates have allowed me a certain freedom in surface exploration. The challenge remains how to put what I enjoy about the flat surfaces into a more 3-d form. A resolution for the decoration of the pitchers continues to elude me. Right now in the studio, I am focuing on the plates and have begun to appropriate decoration from English medieval tiles and Persian ornament. I am altering mugs and working towards a bowl form that echoes some of the sensibilities of the pitchers in the altering and scallops.
I would appreciate feedback on both the form and decoration of all the pots and suggestions for the following statement.

Thanks, and I hope everyone is enjoying the summer,


The pots I make by hand are intended to be used daily. Thrown mugs and hand-built plates are my sketchbook. Not bound by a particular ceramic tradition, I am able to appropriate ornament and form from a multitude of sources. Referential of English Medieval Slipware and Italian Renaissance Majolica, I decorate combining historical ornament with ubiquitous text, and drawings of personal narrative. Inspiration comes through the act of making. As my work develops I begin to recognize the cross-pollination that occurs between surface and form.

A similar correlation may transpire between the objects I make and their domestic environments. As I work in the studio I imagine the pots I create in use. I remain aware that the intended utilitarian role of the object has the capacity to evolve. I aim to create objects that foster relationships with their owners that develop and deepen over time.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ruth's 2nd Post

This tumbler is made of ice (the way too expensive translucent clay) so you can see light through it. I created the upper design with wax and fired it in salt kiln.

This tumbler is glazed and fired in salt.

Rainbow mug a freak woodfired surprise... bmix clay

Fancy ice clay, glazed and soda fired

helmer clay, waxed over stamping and
glazed the rest of the piece, fired in soda kiln.

same as the tumbler above

Hello Everyone,

This is what I have been working on, still working with my stamps but creating new form by pushing out the clay and using the form as part of the decoration. Still need to update my artist statement but I have realized with these newer pieces that organization of space is very important to me. I think you will all see how these have evolved from my last post. Let me know what you think, enjoy....