Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Juliane's Work

Plate 1Squiggly Plate (no title yet...)



(Intended display of Unequal - plates side by side)

To Have or Have Not (Installation)

Exploring different arrangements....

Hello everyone! A lot of these images are works in progress. Nonetheless, it would be helpful to have your feedback.

I use the plate forms to "frame" their contents and tell a story. "Plate 1" (untitled) will have gold luster painted inside the ball that has been cut to reveal the interior. "Squiggly Plate" is particularly interesting to me as I am moving the forms off the plate. I imagine the creation of a whole army of forms wanting to get onto a plate (which excites me because I love making multiples)!

"Unequal" carries out my original intent in throwing plates that look alike. By setting two similar plates next to each other, I wanted the viewer to be aware of the difference in serving size (or to be able to look at a freshly presented plate in comparison with one that shows traces of a meal).

"To Have or Have Not": These photos show different arrangements of an installation piece. I am still trying to figure out the spacing. I have a thought about putting the bowl full of knot-like forms near the edge of the table and stringing together the pieces so that they look like they are spilling over the edge. What arrangements do you care for the most/least?

I am using food as a metaphor for the feelings of fullness or emptiness that one can experience in his/her relationships with other people.

Friday, April 4, 2008

candice's pots

Hi beautiful lovely ladies, well here I am in all my glory. Again it was so awesome to meet you all in Pittsburg, I felt like I had made a wonderful connection with you all! So lets see...... The first pots at the top are my newer wood fired series. The teapot and cups are a dry-thrown technique that I learned in Ayumi's workshop last summer at Haystack. I am incorporating a lot of the dry thrown into my work right now; trying to find the balance of organic and refined to go into the wood kiln. I am developing my color palette so eventually I will have a fair amount of color demonstrated.
The Platter is one of my favorites. I am incorporating a lot of birds into my work lately also. I love Bernard slip in the salt because it bleeds and gives a little softness to it all.
I LOVE to make jars. I love to make sets of things. These are a little rough around the edges and the lighting is horrible but a good example of what I am working on. I make a lot of these in cone 6 with runny glazes that come out pretty nice and sell pretty well.
These funny little gourd-shaped jars are my favorite jars to make right now. These are cone 6 with vintage decals. This is a stock shape I make right now and I find they are versatile when decorating.
I make these nesting flowers bowls that I really enjoy. As a potter I really enjoy making my objects fit together well. I feel that I lean towards the vintage style but with a contemporary flair. I am not going to post an artist statement right now because I still pulled in too many directions, part of the reason I thought a formal education was a great idea. I can say for sure that I love pottery with all my heart!