Sunday, December 2, 2007


doug browe said...

Oh Mel,
Your imagery makes my heart sing and my weighty spirits soar!
Sorry for gushing but the birds take my breath away. I am living on the American River when I am at CSUS (part time) and the bird life is increadable..even Magpies, I never knew how beautiful their tails were... all multicolored and shimmery!

As for the work, your biggest asset seems to be you ability to compose and define space, the richness of the imagery is so satisfying to the eye, that "circle in a circle in a circle" around the bird is powerful, compelling and complete.

Having said that, that is exactly what would get you in trouble here, as the students and faculty are part of a very contemporary, "High Art", beauty is dead, create lots-o-mystery, high drama, not for general consumption kinda thing. In that vein it could be said that you leave little for the viewer ponder. There is little room for the viewer to figure out and thus gain ownership, within the image. That is a problem only if you choose to allow it to be.
It seems to me in making out art we have to choose why we make, and who we make for.

Beauty still has a place for me in Art.

Well, it turned into a rant when I just wanted to say how much I liked the birds, go figure.

Michael Kline said...

Mel, these are beautiful. I couldn't put it any other way. I was SO happy to see some of your pots, it's been too long.