Thursday, September 13, 2007

hi megan, monica responding: the first piece left me with not much of a reaction. i liked the way the white cups really stood out agianist the wood fired frame, but not much feeling in it (for me!) the second piece gave me a definite feeling each time i visited your images. I felt like the base acted as an island that the cups where stranded on. the positioning of the cups left me with image of them speaking to each other but across a great distance. (reading to much in?) the third piece had a boat feeling , and the cups where on a voyage. the 4th piece had a brigde look to me. i like the crisscross lines that add some sharpness. I was instantly WOWED by the tiles because of the pillowyness/the look of something trapped air?/something forcing outword movement. I like the housepaint feel of the glaze, but couldn't help but drool over the beautiful wood fired effects of the last two. megan-i tryed to respond to your work beyond just function, form and finish and look at what i saw in your work. Your statement really seemed to speak directly to who you are and what your work and you are searching for.

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